Feature request Multi-Markdown customised on IOS


On Mac I sue my own customised version of Markdown using CSS as a linked style sheet. Hoewever under IOS I have no idea how to implement this.

Further, it would be beneficial for new users to Markdown to have a kind of reference either on keyboard or using a shortcut to get into it and makes it easier for them to use it.

Thanks for all suggestions


Could you clarify what you’re presenting here? Thanks.

Hi Jim

what I want to say is is there a possibility to customise the markdown under IOS? Like introducing possibility of underline output.


Underlining is not part of the MultiMarkdown spec. We do not support non-standard features as there are too many flavors of Markdown out there. MultiMarkdown is generally considered the next extension of Gruber’s original work. If Fletcher added features to MultiMarkdown, then they should be available in DEVONthink too.

I second the request for support for CSS customization on iOS. Pointing to an external stylesheet on a web server works, but pointing to a database item does not. Since links to images in DTTG are supported, I’m surprised links to CSS stored in DTTG don’t work. It’s perfectly standard MultiMarkdown.

This is a bug, not an oversight.

ah, I was hoping this was a bug. I hope its fixed in the next update as I truly miss being able to style everything with one stylesheet.

Just as a side note, because multi-markdown gets rendered to html you can use html in it.

So using ```


This {++is ++}a test. should work? but currently does not.

rawgit.com/fletcher/human-markd … index.html

in reference from


Well it is not standard but telling a CSS file that ++ is to be underlined the output will. :smiley:

Can you post a sample on how you did that? My css skills are a bit out of date. (HTML 5 was a baby back then) :stuck_out_tongue:

sure here you go:

pre > code{backkround-color: #E0FFFF;font-size:40px;color:#483D8B;text-align:center;border-style: dashed;}

p > code {padding:0em 0em;text-decoration:underline;}

using within DTPO or DTTG as


more information about CSS you can find at my blog http://www.steffiscloud.de/dwkb/devonthink-crazy-css-for-dttg-under-ios/?lang=en:

The download contains the markdown file for DTPO or DTTG and the correlating CSS style document. The text is in German but should not be an issue as it goes more about the functions than the content.

20170522_MarkDown_DTTG.zip (4.71 KB)

Ah, simply abusing the code tags. I can’t give those up as I actually use them for terminal samples in my notes lol.