[Feature Request] Multiple destinations for wiki-links via popup menu


I would like to suggest the following as a feature enhancement:

Currently, if a wiki link points to multiple items (e.g. because they have the same alias), clicking that link will randomly open one of those wiki linked items. Of course, this is sensible as the default behavior. Moreover, it can be addressed by using a script to identify duplicate aliases, in order to ensure that the most relevant item gets referenced in wiki-links.

But wouldn’t it be awesome if upon clicking the link, a menu would pop up that allows selecting any of the items that the wiki link points to?

I can think of many scenarios where this would be useful. The most obvious one: If I’m referring to a concept in a note, then it would be advantageous if via the wiki-link I could immediately access the related group or tag, a definition note and e.g. journal entries on how I applied the concept in the past.

Even if I opt to remain in the note I’m writing, being reminded that those resources exist as I’m referring to the concept would be tremendously valuable. Maybe the popup could display when hovering over the wiki link, allowing to take a quick peek at the linked contents.

In sum: I believe multiple destinations for wiki links would open up many new possibilities for automatic cross-linking of database contents.

Thanks for considering.

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The request is noted however we’d definitely be interested to know if this is broadly desirable.

In my opinion this proposal is more valuable than the default behaviour. To see that there are multiple references and be able to choose the best one would be great.

Intentionally or by mistake? As aliases are also used by tagging, unique ones are actually recommended.

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Currently, I assign an alias to items whenever I believe it would be useful to be reminded of their existence when I type the respective term in a note.

Sometimes this leads to duplicate aliases, but I set up the duplicate aliases script in a smart rule that alerts me when this is the case. So it gets remedied immediately by removing the alias from all but one of the items.

However, this is more often than not a forced choice. It would be preferable if the alias could remain on all of the items. Then I could, upon mentioning the term in a note, select one of the related resources e.g. by hovering over the wiki link, or via a popup menu.