[Feature Request] Multiple lines for list columns as in DTTG

I use the list columns view for overviewing finder comments and other multi-lined metadata, but the screen is often not wide enough and only shows truncated texts. Is there an option to choose the number of lines of summary we’d like to see, as in the mobile version? I looked through the manual but haven’t found anything related. Thanks!
Also, it’d be great if we could adjust the font size in inspector view, the default size for annotations is just way too small for some of us.

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This is planned for future releases. In the meantime the Info > Generic inspector should be useful to easily read too long comments.


Thanks for the suggestion! I intend to get an overview of the comments and abstracts of all listed items in a folder, that’s why showing multiple lines is very much needed. Looking forward to future updates.

This is one of the most needed missing features.