Feature request - multiple windows

I am using DTTG as an archive as well as a notepad for current projects. On my iMac I love the way to have two windows open at the same time which allows me to work on one note and browse my database for further information. Is there a way how I can have the same functionality for DTTG yet or at least will it be a feature which will be implemented in the future?


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To my knowledge, there aren’t any iOS apps featuring more than one window (and remember, iOS ≠ macOS).
DEVONthink To Go does not support tabs at this time. We have discussed the possibility, but have not reached any firm decisions. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Ok. Thank your for your information.

You’re welcome. Cheers!

OK, but how about now?

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No it’s still not supported in DEVONthink To Go. It may be part of the next major release.