[Feature Request] Open a DTTG group via iOS Shortcut

I am not sure if I have missed something, but it seems to me right now that there is an option to “Open a DTTG Item” via iOS shortcut, but this only limits to item, not a group.

It would be nice if we can open a designated DTTG group via shortcut too. My use case it that there are some frequently used group which are buried deep down the structure. Don’t want to replicate them to top level as it will make things messy.

I am aware that in 3.0.4 there is a new “Favorites” smart group. But it is also nice to support open group via Shortcut then I can just make a simple shortcut to add it to iOS homescreen to access it via one click.


As a workaround for now you could create a Shortcut like this and add it to your homescreen

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Thanks! That’s great!

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