[Feature request] Parameters sync between DTTG and DTx


I would love to choose on my Mac or my iPad/iPhone to push some parameters toward other devices. Like, list sorting and smart groups. (Even more relevant when considering iPad and iPhone as one Apple ID means one user…)

For the sake of UI simplicity I guess, there is no customizable smart groups on DTTG. Having those defined on the Mac and sync’ed toward DTTG would be a reasonable turnaround, imho.

I understand there is no way to bridge such parameters via iCloud sync (except when it happens between to iOS devices) for the macOS DTPro and DTPO apps. I wonder if this could it be done via a plist stored in the shared Sync Location or any similar method…


Thanks for the suggestion! Smart groups inside databases are already synchronized but not yet supported by DEVONthink To Go and therefore hidden.

Thank you for the feedback.
While implementing Smart groups sync in DTTG, please add sorting options. It’s frustrating to not be able to sort items in the current implementation.