Feature request PDF editing

Dear team :slightly_smiling_face:

I know the exact improvements planned for DT3 are under wraps, I just want to express my wish for improved PDF features (and as always: of course the UI).

(For me,) especially useful features would be:

  • Annotation toolbar in different views, not only after opening
  • Signatures
  • Flatten annotations

Iā€™d love to see an implementation along the lines of PSPDFKIT w.r.t. features and UI.

PS: I understand that DT primarily is a knowledge management tool and the possibility to use external viewers exists. However, as PDFs may be considered the standard format for formalized knowledge & documents, I think DT would benefit greatly from improved features in this regard, resulting in a better/less interrupted workflow.

Thanks a bunch, very eager to see what you have in store for us in the future!

Welcome @ClassifyFileConnect
Thanks for the suggestion. We definitely have changes coming. Stay tuned!