Feature Request: Per-database enabling/disabling of iOS content search for DTTG


I would like to enable iOS-level content search in DTTG only for files contained in a specific group, while keeping it disabled for all other files. Currently, I am simply getting too many search results based on PDFs and group/tag names that match the keyword.

In an ideal scenario, content indexing could be enabled/disabled on a group-level. However, I realize that is a lot to ask.

How about adding a setting to enable/disable it on a database-level instead?

This would not immediately solve my use case, but I could address it to a sufficient extent by duplicating the group I’d like to be searchable to a separate database and enabling content indexing only for that database.

So I would enable showing content in search, but DTTG would only be providing iOS with the contents of one database.

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No promises but the request is noted. It’s also the only request so far.