Feature Request - Read & Edit Open Office

I’d love for DTTG to have a way to read at a minimum and ideally edit (I am aware that it probably gets stuck in the rich text editing issues of iOS) Open Office documents. In particular Open Office text files and Open office spreadsheet files.

I’m looking for functionality similar to what Documents to Go provides for MS Office files but within my DTTG database and for Open Office files. I have files that I generally use primarily on my mac. I’d like a way to get them readable on my iPod Touch as a first cut and then eventually editable there as well but also searchable in DTTG…

Bumped again as this is becoming something that would really improve DTTG for me.

Any hope of at least a reader for Open Office format files?

Sorry, we have no plans to add that at this time. However, even though this doesn’t keep you within DTTG, sending those files to FileApp should let you view those files on iOS (there may be other apps that will read OpenOffice files as well; this is just an option that came up with a quick search).

Bumped to request this again for both DTTG and for DT.

FWIW the file App previously mentioned does not work.

Please consider this as it would be a huge improvement for DT.

Right now Docs to Go handles all sorts of file types but because they are owned by Microsoft they will not support Open Office. If DT does that brings in a whole new group of users for DT that you may not be getting to right now.

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While DEVONthink To Go can display and, to a certain extend, also edit RTF files it does not have support for OpenOffice files at the moment. Even providing just a renderer (the code that displays files properly on screen) would be a huge tasks as there is no such library available on iOS right now.

Should there be an open-source renderer we can use we might consider adding it though.