Feature request: "Recent Folders/Groups" in Group/Folder Action pop-up

Hello all,

This might just be me – but figured I would ask regardless.
I have a Finder Folder that I access from a variety of places on the system, that has a Folder Action connected to it, regarding what DT3 group I want to the file to be placed in.

So, save the file into that Folder, up pops the DT3 floating selection window, and I navigate to where I want to file to be placed inside DT3.

First world problem this – but since I use this countless times a day, it would be nice if at the top of that popover, one could be presented with the 2/3 most recently used/accessed locations (even if such is onlu based on what the previous 2/3 popover locations were).
Whilst I often store files in any number of places in my Work DB – I will access specific groups multiple times, and if presented with a “most recent”, that would save quite a bit of navigating.

Thanks for the suggestion! Definitely a first world problem :slight_smile: but we’ll consider this for upcoming releases of course. In the meantime one way to speed this up might be to press Cmd-F in the group selector and to search for the group, just like in the Go > Go To… or Data > Move To… panels.

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