Feature request: recognize custom icons of networked drives

I have 5 networked drives I am always connected to when at home. Said drives are USB, attached to an AirportExtreme. To help my feeble mind differentiate I have given each of them a separate icon (via pasting into GetInfo). I have these drives in my Custom folder for XMenu. In XMenu’s dropdown they all have the generic folder icon. Of note is that XMenu does recognize custom icons for folders.

Commercial competitors, Custom Menu 3 and Shortcut Bar, do show the drives’ custom icons but otherwise do not match XMenu’s solid functionality. Oh, they each have a couple bells/whistles but underneath they simply do to work as well.

Any hope? Any consideration is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll consider this for upcoming releases.

Is all I could ask.

Thank you for XMenu. With my ages old, tried and true, DragThing meeting its demise (32 bit with developer not intending to do 64 bit) I have been searching for a suitable replacement launcher. I’m a mouse-kind of guy but the market is replete with keyboard based solutions. The two applications I mentioned in the original post seem to be it, besides XMenu, and for my money, only XMenu is solid.

Oh! And thanks for the prompt reply.

No problem. I rarely allow any apps to launch at login, but XMenu is one of the few. I use it every day, many times myself. Cheers!