Feature request: Round trip PDF

I know there is the “open in” mechanism on iOS, but I’m hoping for something that works outside iOS. My personal use case is reading PDFs on an android e-ink device, but I suppose this request could be broader than that.

If I recall correctly, before the “open in” function, DTTG used to append some characters to the filename of a PDF so that when you brought it back it, it recognized the file as a duplicate and updated/replaced the existing file with the new one that was annotated elsewhere. Can we get this feature on Mac or back on iOS in some fashion? I’m ok either way, since I’m just dropping the file from DT to a NAS share, then syncing that with the Android device.

What about indexing the files on the NAS instead of importing them? Wouldn’t this solve the issue? The file would be accessible in DEVONthink/DEVONthink To Go, the Finder and probably Android too.

Many many years ago I tried using indexed files and had trouble with syncing and haven’t used them since.

I have 2 computers. One I use infrequently. It’s possible I will open that computer, and while the NAS sync service is syncing, I open DevonThink. Because the updated indexed files haven’t synced yet, it may start syncing through its service? Basically, I’m wondering what the best practices are for indexed files stored “in the cloud”. Maybe just confine those indexed files to their own database that doesn’t use DevonThink sync?

Also, if I moved these files to a NAS and indexed them, I’m guessing this would break any existing x-devonthink links since the files would get new UUIDs?

That was actually still the first sync introduced by DEVONthink 2.5 but DEVONthink 2.9 introduced a completely rewritten sync.

You could e.g. create a new, empty folder on the NAS, index this folder in DEVONthink and then move the items which should be indexed into the just indexed group. This will automatically move the files to the external folder.


Hi, I’m having trouble with this solution in practice. I created the folder on the NAS, indexed in in DT, and moved a few PDF files into the folder. These then synced to my Android device well. I highlighted there, synced back to the NAS, and the highlights appeared in DevonThink. Perfect. Now, I want to move the file out of the indexed folder and back into my normal DevonTHink hierarchy (files that are saved in the database, not indexed). The file appears to be moved in DevonThink (it no longer appears in the indexed folder), but it still appears in the NAS folder in finder. If I delete that file in the finder, it creates a “file missing” error in DevonThink.

What is the process of moving an “indexed” file back into DevonTHink?

See command Data > Move into database.

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is there a way to do this in the same step as “moving” the file to another folder?

A smart rule (executed On Moving and searching for indexed items) should be able to handle this if its search scope is limited to internal groups.

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