Feature request: Scope and open external file

  • Support for prefixes like scope:databaseName.
  • Open with external app (⇧⌘ O).


The requests are noted.

That’s actually not necessary, Cmd-O does this as DEVONsphere Express can’t open files on its own.

I agree, but right click in selection > Open With and then select the external app in the contextual menu are too many clicks. In DEVONthink we do the same with ⇧⌘ O. :blush:

And in DEVONsphere Express Cmd-O does the same, there’s no need to use the Open With submenu in case of the default app.

But in DEVONsphere when I do Cmd-O in a select item (e.g. of Pages) the item opens in DEVONthink and not in Pages!


Likely due to this…

This PDF found in DEVONthink results is showing DEVONthink as the default app. (Is this searching DEVONthink’s Spotlight metadata files?)

In that case DEVONthink is of course the default app for such results. We might change this in future releases.

Thanks, I understand that.