Feature Request: Screen Recorder for DT Toolbar Icon

I might have the wrong terminology as I am a noob but I have a suggestion regarding the DT icon in the tool tray that lets you launch the quick note, audio, video (BTW for future reference what is this called in DT. I came from EN & there it was referred to as the helper).

Right now it is set up in a way where you can record yourself (or whatever is in front of your monitor) with the video recorder. I think it would be great if there was an additional video option to record the screen itself (with the option of having audio & means of pointing such as an arrow in case you are explaining something).

It’s the Sorter (see Preferences > Sorter)

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Thanks for your suggestion, we will keep that in mind for future updates

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TY for the terminology info
Appreciate the support

That would make a huge difference for my workflow if I can do from one app

I have to say after coming from Evernote the response time & support from DT is :exploding_head:

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