Feature Request: single pop-up that shows a majority of the inspectors in one single view

What I am thinking of is a pop-up that shows destinations for replicants and duplicates, as well as all metadata/information contained in the following inspectors: Generic, Custom, Finder Comments/Reminders, document Properties and incoming/outgoing links.

Maybe this is a totally preposterous wish in the first place–surely there would be a heck of a lot going on in a view like this, and designing it might be trecherous and/or impossible if there were dozens of replicants/duplicates and/or custom metadata fields. …but man would it be awesome to just hit one keyboard shortcut and see all of this in one view.

The display concept I’m thinking of is essentially identical to what happens when we press Control+Command+M on the keyboard, to launch the special “move-to” view. This pop-up is FAST to display, and unique from most of the rest of DT windows (semi-transparent/darkish background).

Thanks for listening. Cheers!

Thanks for the suggestion! But it sounds like a cockpit-alike view requiring a very huge screen :slight_smile: The current Info popover (Tools > Info, Cmd-Shift-I) shows at least some of this information but you still have to switch inspectors.

If possible, create a mockup of what you’re referring to.

Either you’ll hit on something brilliant or you’ll find “Sheesh! I need that $5000 32-inch Apple Pro Display just to fit it on my screen!!” :flushed:


So I think this is a great idea, with one clarification: From my perspective, it’s not about seeing ALL metadata/information contained in the inspectors in one view, but rather being able to select the ones most relevant to a given workflow.

For example, in my case I could see myself setting up a “custom inspector” to show Annotations, certain custom metadata fields, incoming links and a table of contents.

This would certainly add value due to no longer needing to switch between different inspectors.

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