Feature Request: Sort within Smart Groups

I’m loving the addition of the new smart groups “All text documents” and “All office documents”, but I am hoping to have the ability to sort within smart groups like you can in a normal group by Name, Kind, Modified, and Size.

Thanks for your consideration.

The request is noted. Cheers!

A hearty +1 on this request – these smart groups are less useful because of the lack of sort. Cheers!

lack of sort of smart groups and search results is really an issue if it comes to efficiency using DT2go - please improvee

iOS ≠ macOS, so this isn’t a simple matter. The requests are noted but we have plenty on our schedule and we must prioritize things. If we didn’t we’d have many things started and few things finished. Thanks for your patience and understanding.


I have 877 documents in the “Downloaded” smart group on the iPhone, which is a pretty useless fact unless I can sort the items by size and purge the largest ones.


still waiting :frowning:

Also would love to see this. Any news? Thanks!

No, there is nothing to report at this time.