Feature Request: Sorter Dock-Tab support for multiple displays

First, congrats thanks for all of the work on this spectacular application - DT3 feels better than ever :slight_smile:

For the request: Currently, when the (incredibly-useful) Sorter is showing as a Dock-Tab, it can be directed to display in one of 6 locations around the edge of the display (top left, bottom right etc). If multiple displays are being used, settings choices remain the same & the sorter is placed at the far left ende of the left display or far right edge of the right display.

This is totally logical, but means that it’s not possible to (eg) put the Sorter on the right of ‘main’ display, if DT3 thinks another display is more ‘right’ than it is → in my case this means that it’s putting the Sorter is on a laptop that’s actually display beneath a main external display, just because it thinks that’s more ‘right’.

It’d be super convenient if possible just to choose which of the currently-connected displays the Sorter should appear on, independent of the position on that display?

Thanks again!

Thanks for the suggestion and generous comments! We’ll consider this for upcoming releases.