Feature request: Support for WikiWords in DTTG text Document

Hi DEVONians!

I’m always surprised at the sheer range and number of seemingly niche features in DT that I later find incredibly useful.

One I never thought I would end up using is the WikiWord automatic document linking feature, which on Mac DT I use for connecting a structured notebook for one area of my studies-it’s perfect for it.

After upgrading my ancient iPad 4 to a new one with enough storage space to sync my whole DT database, I found the WikiWords did not automatically link in the RTF documents I was using.

I appreciate DTTG isn’t attempting to be a replacement for mac OS DT, but is there any chance this linking could be added in a future update?

(DTTG as a document provider on iOS, even it it has to be accessed through the Files app, is a fantastic feature, by the way)

  • Dave

Perhaps. Thanks for the suggestion. I will file a feature request on it. Cheers!

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Thanks, Jim - even if it only works when viewing documents, I think it would be a great addition.

Don’t forget to enjoy the weekend! :wink:

Thanks, Dave. You enjoy your weekend too! :smiley:

Yes, I heartily second this request.

This is such a fantastic feature on macOS (I’m late to discovering it, but I see its tremendous potential). And, this would address the desperate need on iOS for a suitable Wiki platform. There are so few options, and many (like TrunkNotes) are closing shop.

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You can of course replicate the behavior with item links (which I do, when I work on the go), but not nearly as streamlined. I have an entire set of historical knowledge (I am a history professor) linked using these links, but most are just item links because I work so much from iOS.