Feature request: tabs

I would love to be able to open several text documents and pdf files at the same time using tabs!
Therefore, just wanted to ask if this feature is likely to be added in the foreseeable futur? :wink:

There are no current plans for tabs (especially as they wouldn’t be very useful on a small form factor device like an iPhone 6). The request is noted though.


+1 for tabs. I was recently working with a contractor on a home renovation and had some plans in one group and photos in another and found myself constantly switching back and forth between the two groups through the hierarchy to get to the files. Tabs would fix that. I would like to have the capability to add a group or a single file as a tab.

Regarding the iPhone form factor, you could implement something like how safari displays tabs…

Glad to know you have it noted…

+1 for Tabs for me too. While I wouldn’t use it on an iPhone, on the iPad is another story. I constantly find myself using other tools to open the second document I want to see. This works because DTTG is a document provider on IOS. I don’t find using a second app ideal, but at least it works. PDF Expert works well for PDFs, Documents app works well for most other file formats. These can be split screened with DTTG. I’d prefer “living” only in DTTG in these situations.

– Stephen