[feature request] tag input at page bottom when reading documents

At least on the iPhone, after reading an article if I want to add tags, I have to take the steps of selecting Info > tag icon > type tag. This removes the document from view, I have to keep in mind the words that I want to tag while going through the steps, hoping that I remember all words to tag.

Request the ability to add tags be present at the bottom of the document page, so that as I am reading I can add tags, as I come across words that I want to use as tags.

Please let me know if there’s a workaround now.
I guess that I can create a separate buffer Notes document to cut and paste words, that will later be input as tags. But best if I can just create tags as I read.


The smaller form factor of an iPhone is a limiting factor in the interface. However, the request is noted.

I also often add tags in DTTG and like @shiiko find the number of finger selections to add a tag lengthy. Although a tag bar at the bottom of the page (like DT) would be nice, 1 finger press could be eliminated if there was an ‘info’ button at the top of the page and take info out of the ‘three dots’ menu. This would then be ‘info’->tag icon-> type tag. It would also speed up access to annotations… :slightly_smiling_face: