Feature request: (Temporarily) Disable internal hyperlinks in PDFs

I find I copy-and-paste text from PDFs exported from a number of note-taking and reading tools (particularly, LiquidText on an iPad). LT has a neat feature where it allows you to assemble your notes into a page injected into the PDF as the first page, and the notes on this page link to the annotations in the rest of the document. This is neat and not a sales pitch for LT.

However, sometimes I want to select-and-copy this text on my mac, but a click jumps me to a different page. I can export the LT document with the links removed, but keeping two export versions seems silly. What I’d love would be able to toggle an option in DEVONthink’s PDF viewer (a menu item or a toolbar button, maybe, or holding down shift) which would disable link following temporarily whilst I highlight text to select.

I’ve poked around, and no PDF viewers offer this functionality, which makes me think this is baked-into PDFKit, or that I’m a unique and special individual.

I’m wondering if this would be a difficult, viable and useful feature to add to DEVONthink?

Edit: Actually, it may be really useful in all manner of different document types - selecting text that’s wrapped in an anchor tag in HTML, for example. Just to feature creep whilst I’m making requests here.

Although it’s not exactly what you’re looking for but holding the Option modifier can be used in PDF & text views to select a rectangular text area.

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This is about 99.5% of what I’m looking for, as I just wanted to bypass the link to select the text! I had no idea about this functionality. Thanks, @cgrunenberg!

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