Feature requests: More markdown supports

I feel it’s not convenient to work with Markdown in DevonThink. I would like to suggest the following to improve the experiences.

  1. Menu button for New Markdown. Could we add a custom button to create markdown directly? Just like what’s for RTF.

  2. Allow custom style. Visual appearing affects productivity directly but current markdown rendering can’t be claimed as nice. I know there is a workaround to add custom styles like blog.devontechnologies.com/2016/ … ent-657246. But I’m not a fan of messing styling with content, seeing those files are also opened, exported for other external applications. It would be great if we have a way to set such in preferences.

  3. Altering double clicking behavior. Current it’s to open in internal DevonThink viewer. I wonder if it’s possible to allow us to have an option to open it by default OS app for such type, so that I can edit it in my favorite editor(I’m a Vim user thus I prefer to work under some app with vim mode but wonder if requesting to add such vim keybinding support will be too aggressive to DevonThink).

Thanks for consideration!

Thanks for the opinions and suggestions. The double-click behavior is not liekly to be modified. This has been discussed at length in these forums and we have provided a hotkey / menu item / toolbar button for opening a file in the external application. Cheers!

Thanks checking Jim.

I was not aware of double clicking discussion, looks fine even without it.

Any ideas on #1 and #2? Are these something considerable?

Considerable, but I can’t promise anything. We definitely have noted it though. Cheers!

To be considered is very nice Jim. Thank you!

You can link to any stylesheet you want. For example, I use the “AIR” css package. I add this tag to my markdown documents, whether edited in DEVONthink or elsewhere:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="file:///Users/Me/Sites/CSS Styles/AIR/css/air.css">

It’s easy to write a TextEditor or Typinator or KeyboardMaestro macro to insert this in a new markdown file, or create your own markdown template in DEVONthink. You’ll get a lot more flexibility if you use this method than if DEVONtech makes decisions about styling that you might not like.

I use Marked (http://marked2app.com) as a viewer, while I am in edit mode in Devonthink. Edits are instantly viewable and you can use predefined style sheets as well as your own. I do all exporting from Marked.

@vectorchem: Good call. Brett is a great guy (and very talented too). We’re glad you’re supporting him too.

this should be made a prefeence for md, rtf and pdf. please let the user set his/her own preference…

As i said, it has been discussed at length and the current behavior is due to the majority of Users’ opinions on the matter. I didn’t say “never”, but I still say “it’s unlikely” to change.

PS: If you search these Forums you will see a lot of pressure to “just add a preference”. We have so many preferences that some of them are even hidden! :mrgreen: Our preference panes are already overloaded. Adding more is not always the answer.

… like the default view of md-text … i’ve came across that one in the forums and now DTPO behaves like DTG with md-text … really nice to have this as a hidden pref … thank you

so is there a hidden preference then for the double-click behavior on rtf/md/pdf-docs?

All hidden preferences can be found in Help > DEVONthink Help > Documentation > Appendix > Hidden Preferences

@korm, thanks much for the tip of hidden preferences. Especially I found the “PlainTextIsMarkdown” one quite interesting. I’m considering if I need to enable this as all the files I handled are markdown. :smiley:

For the styling, it’s a different story. I have Marked 2 bought long time ago, used along with VIM. And currently I used Haroopad more together with Devonthink which is more straightforward. Styling when editing is not a concern at all. The point is more time spent on Devonthink is to searching, using and reviewing information which is a read mode and a better built-in display would be much more helpful.

I know inline styling but it’s not an option for me. None is actually better. The time when I editing or exporting these files I don’t want to mess content with styling. Also when one day you are tired with one theme, global changing is not easy with inline ones.

I would really appreciate a little bit more support for markdown. I use DTP since years now and got over the times different databases. I see there are coming some similar Tools with a lot more useability and customization. I know we are speaking just from a database, but a cooler style or possible customized layout would be a bit step in the right direction …

thanks Victor

yes, I think the sytle support for markdown is really very useful feature. I support this request. Korm’s work around helps a lot. I am using it for now. But, a native support of the style would make the markdown editing in Devonthink more solid.