Feature Suggestion: View Parameters on Group Item Link

Could I suggest as a feature that when an Item Link is copied for a Group, the Item Link could include parameters which will replicate the current column names/column widths when viewing the group in List mode?

In theory Workspaces would meet this goal, but that does not work if I have multiple DT3 windows open since changing the Workspace affects all Windows, plus I may want to look at a particular group occasionally with rarely used columns and it would not be justified to set up a whole Workspace just for that occasional view.

Thanks for the suggestion! To be honest, it’s more likely that workspaces will be improved in the future. Another issue is that item links are just… well… item links and should remain like that, especially as they’re not related to a certain window or the user interface at all.

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Sure the link should remain like that - but what’s wrong with adding parameters to it? The concept works well in any number of other applications - it a really useful feature of Tinderbox, for example.

I think Workspaces are honestly only viable to those users who only open one Window at a time in DT3. If I regularly use one window at a time and there are 3 different configurations for viewing that window, then I need 3 Workspaces - which is fine. But if I instead use 3 windows at a time and each has 3 configurations I regularly use, then I would need 3*3*3 or 27 different Workspaces to account for the different ways I set up my windows; that is not practical of course.

Are you considering changes to Workspaces which would allow workspace configuration on a per-Window basis without affecting all other open Windows?

No. Window-specific configurations, if they should ever should show up, wouldn’t be part of workspaces.