Features i am unable to use

Hello everyone
since this is my first post so forgive me if i make any mistakes,
i am a consistent user of Devonthink pro office, and i almost use it 12 hours a day. I am a biologist and i use to save a lot of documents, figures, graphs etc etc.
i specially like devonthink pro bcoz with this i was able to view almost all the file types which i use everyday, but remember “i was”, since past few updates, i am unable to view the following type of files-
and some other, but my major consern is GRAPHPAD PRISM. For both these file types i am seeing only the soft icon now and nothing else.
If there is anything i can do to solve this, i will be very thankful to anyone who can suggest me anything.
Thanks in advance.

Are you able to view them using Quick Look in DEVONthink and/or the Finder?