Feed notification

I have posted a similar message in the ‘Tips, Tricks…’ forum but then thought that perhaps a script would be able to do this, I have a number of feeds in Devonthink Pro Office and would like some kind of notification when a new item is added to any feed. What I am thinking of is either a sound, flashing screen or ideally a message that appears on the screen or even an email. Any ideas?

As it is today, DEVONthink doesn’t include simple, configurable integration with the Notification Center. You could write a script that would periodically open a group in DEVONthink, refresh the feed, inspect the feed to see if something changed, and send a message via Notification. IMO, that would be a very annoying experience because it would continually interfere with anything else you are doing in DEVONthink – and doing other actions in the app would probably cause the script to fail.

There are standalone newsreader apps that integrate with Notification Center.

Thanks Korm for this, most helpful as I wasn’t sure as to the practicality of it anyway. Actually I have noticed something just now that is already there which does the job in a way, there are numbers e.g. 19/23 beside the feed title which denotes those read/those not read, so I CAN tell if there are new feeds at a glance :smiley: That will do fine.

Cheers and thanks for your posting.