Feed Titles revert automatically

I am capturing RSS FEEDS as PDF files. Unfortunately the PDF does not include any date information in the captured text. So, I made a simple rule that adds the MODIFIED DATE field to the front of the TITLE and it works great, or at least it seems to. However, over time (hours or days) those added dates simply disappear from the title. So “2021-01-15 Blog Title.pdf” becomes simple “Blog Title.pdf” again. Locking the files didn’t help protect them from whatever is changing it. Any ideas?

  • Do you have other smart rules running on the feeds?

  • What does the current rule look like?

No other rules running on feeds.

Does this happen after a refresh of the feed? It’s possible that the item in the feed was updated and then the latest title is used.

Yes, it does happen over time - so I guess when that particular feed is refreshed and perhaps when the specific item is updated.

You could perform the smart rule also e.g. every hour to avoid this. A better workaround might be to move the renamed items into a new group.

I did add to the smart rule a direction to move to a new group after rename and it’s fine. Thanks for your help