Few Questions: Multi-doc scanning, Typewriter Mode?

Please allow me a brief (positive) rant: This is far and above the best app in its class, and believe I tried (READ: wasted a heck of time) trying them all. The brilliance of this app is that it isn’t just a receipt management app, etc. like so many others, it is infinitely capable. It is proving as an all-in-one app that has done away with SOO many other separate apps I used. I am an academic so have lots of scholarly papers, which I now use one database for managing, highlighting and sorting those. I use another database for my new business as a paperless office, and another for all manner of personal and financial documents. I haven’t learned all the functions and features!! VERY easy to use and user-friendly. On that note: can anyone suggest the easiest/best tutorial for me to learn the rest of the features.

Question 1: Multiple Document Scanning
I often have swaths of receipts to scan all at once, which my scansnap S1100 asks if I’d like to continue scanning multiple items. Question is how do I have Devonthink receive these multiple pages as separate files, rather than one big file.

Question 2: Typewriter/Text Overlay
Is there a feature similar to Acrobat’s Typewriter Mode or similar for overwriting text onto a scanned document? I often have my bills scanned and then pay them off, when I do I’d love to be able to type onto the scanned bill, to say “paid on jan 01” etc.

I also wanted to know if there’s a way to use/sort items via tags on DTTG?

please help!

Mike, Scansnap can be set to break a stack into separate documents. Look at ScanSnap > Settings > File Option > press the Option button, then change this screen.

however, this option will create files every n-th page. If you have a stack of one-page receipts, then the option will work fine. If you have a stack with different numbers of pages per document, the option will not help you at all.

Typewrite short answer: yes. The annotation tool bar in a PDF view can help with this. Check DEVONthink Help or the manual for instructions. (BTW - Preview in OS X lion has much better annotation options, including a better typewriter feature – and it’s free.)