Figuring out Version of Installed Word Services

I’m a very longtime user of Word Services.

I see it’s now in the Mac App Store, latest version 3 years old, I suspect my installed version is older than that. Is there a way to tell? Or should I just install the new and let it make a version assessment?

The latest version is indeed quite old but you can always also download the latest versions of all our apps from our website.

Thanks, Christian.

Please let me know how I can clarify my question so it’s more easily understandable.

Just remove the old version from your /Applications folder, reboot the machine, download and install from our site.

It’s not in my applications folder. If it were, I could easily determine version and wouldn’t be here asking this.

The app is called WordService, so you could simply search for that. It doesn’t didn’t come with an installation mechanism so far as I can tell, so you will need to find where you put it (or it ended up). The instructions suggest that changed with v. 2.8.1.

The instructions suggest

Simply move WordService into your Applications or Applications/Utilities folder or into the folder Services (in the Finder visit the Go menu with the Option key pressed; choose Library; locate a folder named Services; if there is none, you can safely create it manually).

so maybe the app is to be found in the /Library/Services folder?

That’s it, thanks.

FYI Spotlight searches don’t cover /Library items

I know :wink: that’s why I covered two possible approaches for finding it :crazy_face: It’s difficult posting here sometimes; not knowing whether I am responding to an inexperienced Mac user or somebody who has a ton more knowledge of the workings of macOS than I do effectively leaves the risk of under-explaining to one group of users whilst appearing patronising to the other. The ultimate aim is to say something helpful - seems it happened this time round :slight_smile: Tell us, how ancient was your version?

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Was v2.8.2. Same version.

Cool. So see you again in 11 years?