File annotations

Is there a way to attach a text description of a file to the file in DTPO?

For example, today I put a Wordpress backup into a customers “group” folder today. Six months from now, I’ll have no idea what “” are.

I want to add a simple 50 character short description as a reminder of what the file is.


Select the document, and choose Tools > Show Info from the menubar. You’ll see a panel at the bottom of the window that opens, and the panel says “Spotlight Comment”. That’s a good place to enter the info you described.

If you’re using a view (like 3-panes) that has a file list with columns, you can make that Comment visible in one of those columns by choosing View > Columns and selecting “Spotlight Comment”. It’s also possible to click that displayed comment (or blank area) and edit the text there.

Thanks, that’s exactly what I’m looking for.

BTW, when I got to “View/Columns”, all the options are grayed out??? Do I have something set up wrong?

Thanks again

This menu item depends on what View you are using. If you’re in View > as Icons or View > as Columns, these options won’t be available.