File > Database Properties Unavailable

Hey, All,

I have DTP 3 Server, 3.0.4.

I could swear I upgraded and migrated correctly from DTPO 2, but how many problems start with that assumption!

This is the path of my (Global?) Inbox:
/Users/sylvaticus/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink 3/Inbox.dtBase2

This is currently my only database (I know…I know….). It only has 372 files currently. The database syncs on two MacBook Pros, my iPhone, and iPad. There are no problems with sync as far as I can tell.

While helping someone else with encryption problems, I wanted to check something. Long story short, if I select the Inbox in the pane on the left, then click File > Database Properties, Database Properties is unavailable. But it’s available on all my friends’ Inbox database.

  1. Should I move the database to /Users/sylvaticus/Databases?
  2. Why is Database Properties unavailable?

Thanks for any help! :bowing_man:‍♂

**** Update ****
While doing some testing, I create a global smart group in the Global Inbox. If I right-click on that, I can choose Database Properties and the information panel appears. Perhaps Database Properties is not meant to be available for the Global Inbox…though it seems odd that it would be available for a global smart group in the Global Inbox?

No you should not move the Global Inbox.

You can’t create a ”global smart group” in a database.
A screen capture may be helpful.

That’s a bug if the global inbox is the only database, the next release will fix this. In the meantime disabling the unified inboxes (see Preferences > General) should fix this too.