»File does not exist«, but in fact it exists.


I’ve moved a lot of files and projects in the databases of my DTPO. Now DTPO does not finde some of the affected files. Instead of the file preview there is a gray text in the preview part of the main window.

How can I reassign the existing files to the respective widowed items in DTPO?

Thanks in advance for your support! Kind regards, Friedrich

Personally, I would do a Tools > Rebuild Database…

That “does not exist” message means that DEVONthink cannot find an indexed document at the location in the filesystem where it was when the document was first indexed. In other words – it was moved or deleted. It’s not possible to relink DEVONthink to indexed files that got moved or deleted. Locate the file (e.g., through Spotlight) then reindex it. Meanwhile, delete the “does not exist” document from DEVONthink and empty the trash.