File / Export / Backup / Database Archive vs Scripts / Export / Daily Backup Archive

Anybody knows the difference between those two backup methods?

File / Export / Backup / Database Archive
Scripts / Export / Daily Backup Archive

Also, is there any way to automatically run such backups?
The “Daily Backup Archive” at leasts sound like it could run automatically every day :slight_smile:

“Daily Backup Archive” creates a .zip archive from the currently selected database. That archive’s name is based on the database’s name plus the date the script was run. It is not an incremental backup, but it can be useful if you want a sort of snapshot of a database from time to time.

Many thanks,
but what is the difference to the “Database Archive” from the other menu?

I checked the resulting zip files myself and it seems that there is no difference.

But why do we have 2 options then?!?

Because the script automatically names and saves the file to a specific location.

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And because all included scripts are of course useful examples for scripters.


Great many thanks, @BLUEFROG and @cgrunenberg

Going to check event based smart rules to run the script once per day

You’re welcome.
Note: DEVONthink must be running for smart rules with time-based event triggers to work, e.g., if you set it for hourly and DEVONthink isn’t running, it’s not going to launch our app and run the rule.

My DT never get’s closed - it runs as long as the Mac is running, which is … always :sweat_smile::hugs:

Many thanks!

You’re welcome.
However, don’t ignore rebooting the machine. We suggest once a week. This is easily done e.g., on a Sunday night.

I don’t reboot the machine.
Only when an important update needs to be installed, which may be every 3 months or so.

It’s a Unix system, why should it be rebooted from your experience?

And my old Mini is on Monterey, which means that there will be no reboots anymore.

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An occasional restart is recommended as both the shutdown and restart processes clean up stuff. Probably documented by Apple somewhere.

I could not find any such recommendation from Apple.

I found this:,with%20system%20installs%20or%20upgrades.

“A Windows computer should be shut down, or even better, restarted, once a week or so with ‘fast startup’ turned off to ensure it properly shuts down all processes and cleans up. Mac computers tend to be a little more stable and may only need to be restarted with system installs or upgrades.”

But I also never rebooted my Windows 10 system before - I only hibernated it over night.
But macOS does only allow hibernation for laptops, while desktop computers only seem to sleep but wake up to do “things” which I really don’t want… so instead I just let it run and control things a bit more with Little Snitch.

There is no prize for uptime and macOS isn’t a pure UNIX system (and it wouldn’t matter even if it was). Unless you’re doing nothing at all on the machine, rebooting is recommended.

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I did not yet see any problems which made me reboot.
If I had bad experience, I would reboot …

I would like to see if Apple really recommends this.
And while there is no price for a high uptime, it spares me time and work to restart all the programs I have running most of the time (on the Mini, I need to close DT when gaming, but on the Studio that does not seem to be needed).

Also because I have lots of Cryptomator volumes, OneDrive and WebDAV volumes as well as VeraCrypt volumes. All need to be added again, a password entered and so on.
Better not reboot without a hard reason :wink:

I do such things:

Terminal sessions, also to remote servers

iA Writer

GraphicConverter 12
Nikon Capture NX


Parsec to the Mini and to a virtual Windows KVM (going to play games on this and not on the Mac anymore, but having problems with save-files back to the Windows system)


Steam Games (several Tomb Raider, Counter-Strike GO, … about 20 games installed)
Good Old Games (Forsaken Remastered, Divinity: Original Sin 2, … about 37 games installed, lots of them old)

I tend to kill the Steam and GoG processes that remain running.
But that’s it.

I sometimes need to restart Safari or DT, because they tend to collect memory and don’t give it back anymore.

Otherwise, all is stable

I’d suggest you Google “how often to reboot a mac”. This isn’t something only we suggest.

And if you’re saying you’re constantly running all those apps, well… why? :thinking:

No, sorry - that was just a list of programs I use on a regular base. Not much else.
On the Mini I also used Xcode, but did not yet install this on the Studio.

Constantly running are only the Cryptomator, VeraCrypt, OneDrive and WebDAV volumes, DEVONthink, Safari, Thunderbird, Telegram, the terminal windows (Alacritty) and Strongbox which I forgot above and then what is needed for the moment.

I do close other programs like Excel or BitWig or games when I don’t actually use them … sorry for the confusion.

I did that, but could not find any such recommendation from Apple.

Only Apple community or Reddit or other forums.
Nothing of relevance or with detailed technical information.

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The fact that many people recommend something does not necessarily mean that there’s a sound reason for it. I, for one, never reboot my machine except for os upgrades.
Why would I with a Unix system? Unless of course a badly written program does stupid stuff. But I haven’t seen that happen in the last about ten years.
OTOH, I’m coming from Unix and rebooting es never needed there, either. Otherwise, the whole internet would be a lot bumpier with all the servers rebooting regularly…


Yes, that’s why I was curious to see such a recommendation from Apple.