File Extensions in DEVONthink To Go

I have several documents in my database that are identical in name and content, but differ in file format. The reason behind this: after finishing my writings in pages, word or whatever I usually make PDFs of the files for distribution and store them along the source file
In DTTG it’s hard to distinguish source and pdf files as file extensions are not displayed. On the Mac I can set the preferences accordingly, not so in DTTG. The files App on iOS can also display extensions. Is there any way for this in DTTG?

Sorry but no there is no setting to show file extensions. No promises but the request is noted.

PS: If you’re not using document thumbnails, your files would be distinguished by a different icon.

Maybe changing your sort to “Kind” will help? I use this and it will have all my Markdown’s and PDF’s sorted by themselves.

And when you search by name it shows the file type for each of the results.

I thought that as well but imagined the OP wanted to keep the related files together. Good idea though :slight_smile:

Yeah, if you wanted them to appear together and had a boatload of files in a group, searching would be a good way.

And including the Summary > Item Info :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for all your replies. You gave me some very useful hints!
For me I found a good solution. In the view option toolbar I enabled the summery, which can be set to display file information. You loose some space in the view pane and need more scrolling, but I can live with that for the moment.
Thanks once again!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: