File Indexing Methods

I kno that I can use the file menu to index files and folders, but I was hoping there was also a way to index files via drag and drop. Currently I can only get open dtbases to import files when dragging and dropping items on either their window, respective sorter icon, or groups palette. Is there any sort of modifier key combo I can hold down while dragging and dropping files to tell DTP to index and NOT import?

See this excerpt from the online Help, displayed in response to a search for “index”:

Index: Adds selected files to your database, but only as references, and not in their entirety. DEVONthink Pro Office indexes the contents of the file and uses this for classification and other content-related functions. Indexed items show a little arrow after their name. For unknown file types, this command creates a bookmark. You can also drag files from the Finder to DEVONthink Pro Office; hold down the Command and Option keys to index them. This is similar to creating an alias in the Finder. Indexed groups are excluded from tagging by default.

:smiley: A thousand kisses! Sorry my researching abilities weren’t enough to pull it from the help docs!