"File Missing" recurrence

I am having a persistent problem as I move archive backups between home and work machines. After verifying the archive and exporting a zipped file, putting it on portable media (lacie or sandisk), and opening it on the other machine, I will have a large number of files that do not make the transit and will reveal only the following message in the viewer:“File Missing: users/username/Desktop…” Verify and Repair informs me that all of the files, which were available earlier, and do exist on the hd or external hd, are missing. Am I simply breaking the file pathway moving archive backups across machines? Thanks! Michael

A database created by Import-capturing files from the Finder is self-contained, and is easily portable from one computer to another.

But Index-captured files remain external to the database; the database retains Paths to the external files. So, unless the external files are also moved, in the same folder/file structure, to a different computer along with the database file, the database will not be able to find the Index-captured files.