File names preventing copying

I have to move my DTP database from my office to my home computer. I do it by copying to a 2-gig jump drive. No problem.

Today, I began a trial of the DTPO beta and ran into a problem. I imported some e-mail, and saved some of the notes to the database. At the end of the day when I tried to copy the database to my jump drive, I couldn’t because those imported and stored e-mails had been assigned alpha-numeric filenames that were so long, the copy could not be completed.

When I deleted the stored e-mails, the database copied without incident.

Anything I can do?

What filesystem is on that jump drive? I would suggest you use the Backup script that you can find in the Scripts menu under Export > Backup Archive… this will create a zip file of your database and should thus cause no problems independent of the filesystem on your jump drive.