File not yet available


I synchronized database containing indexed items between two macs. Indexed items are targeting to files on Dropbox.

After importing database from sync location to local database, some indexed files are not ready.

As shown below images, file is not ready yet, but ‘Download’ button also is not activated. In context menu, no ‘Download’ exists.

How I can download the file?


Check if the files are missing in the database on the other Mac.

The other mac has no problem with files.

I checked option for sync location to contain content of indexed file.
I expected that files linked with indexed items will be synchronized via DevonThink database.

So, I ddn’t set up Dropbox folder where files linked with index items are located.

DT told those files not ready while indexed items linked with files that exists out of Dropbox folders has no problem.

Indexed files located in cloud folders (e.g. Dropbox) are not synchronized by DEVONthink, only their metadata is synchronized. Otherwise this could cause conflicts with the cloud client (e.g. and therefore duplicates or other issues. The file should be available as soon as has downloaded all files.