"file not yet available"


I have created a database on a Mac Mini from an indexed local folder.

I have this database sync’ed over dropbox.

On my MBP I have synced to this database.

However: all indexed files give the “file not yet available” message and I only have a thumbnail view of the document.

Files (only a few) that are imported in the database can be seen as normal.

It here a solution for this?



Is synchronizing of indexed items enabled on both computers (see options of sync location in Preferences > Sync)? In addition, in which folder are the indexed items located?

If the folder is in Dropbox, is the local Dropbox folder in the same relative location on both machines?

If you are indexing folders in your local Dropbox folder, the location of that Dropbox folder must be in the same relative location. We strongly advise leaving it at the default location Dropbox suggests. The default location is in the Home directory, ~/Dropbox.