File >> Open Recent >> Clear Menu : Doesn't pull off the tas

Not sure if this is a bug and/or if it is known, but the Clear Menu command doesn’t clear the menu.

Anyone else unable to clear the open recent menu?

Try emptying your system Trash.

Thanx for the reply. I’m not sure what my system trash would have to do with it. :frowning: Any other ideas? Is anyone else able to clear this menu in the latest beta or is this a bug? I’m running 10.5.7 on a Macbook Aluminum. Can anyone replicate this problem?

Can’t replicate that. I’m running DTPO 2 pb5 and OS X 10.5.7. Just tried File > Open Recent > Clear Menu. It cleared the menu.

Now I’ll have to recreate my list of occasionally opened databases in that menu, which will require opening all of them. :slight_smile:

Hmm, thought I’d responded to this yesterday …

Possibly because of what annard posted.

Doesn’t work on my Macbook using the same version. Emptying the trash didn’t resolve it. Thoughts?

File > Open Recent > Clear Menu works fine with DTPO 2.0bp5 on my iMac G5. Have you tried clearing recent menu items in other apps that support it? That could help you know if it’s a DT-specific or more general issue.

Ok. I think I figured out why I’m getting this unexpected behaviour. After moving the database files it is not possible to clear the menu. I would suggest this is unexpected behaviour. Actually, I moved all of my database files into a new folder and then the clear menu failed to work.

I doubt anyone will disagree with that. :slight_smile:

Comment: I moved my DTPO2 databases into a common folder in my Documents folder. Previously, they had all been at the top level of the Documents folder. In the process, I deleted a couple of no longer needed databases.

Of course, I had quit DT Pro Office before moving those database files. (Never move open database files.)

I then launched DTPO2 and cleared the ‘Open Recent Database’ menu. The Clear Menu command worked.

So merely moving some database files didn’t create a problem in my case.

Hmm. Well I still can’t clear the damn menu!! Is there a way to manually do this?

philosopher_dog, it sounds like this is frustrating for you, can I offer a suggestion? What about “reloading” the Open Recent menu by repeatedly opening up all your most frequently used databases until those selections populate the menu and crowd out the obsolete choices?

BTW, I’d certainly appreciate the developers’ giving us the option to display 20 or even 30 entries in the Open Recent menu. I’m almost living in DTPO now and I’m constantly creating or splitting off new DTPO databases.

How many do you have set in the Appearance preference pane of the System Preferences application?