File Rename based on text in the document

Hi, I have DTOP on trial and am very impressed. I have a question:

I have followed some suggestions about using Hazel & DTOP to import PDF’s, then OCR them. My query is I would then like to rename them with the text following “Re:” (The subject of each letter) and then move them into a specific database, is this possible, if so how?

Thanks in advance for your help for what I am sure is a rudimentary question!

Hi Macheff,

that you can do in Hazel:

  • let it rename the file according to the text needed ie. date - subject or whatever.

  • let Hazel save the document to another folder (ie DTPO).

Right click on this folder an use a folder action (here: add documents to DTPO).

DTPO will watch this folder and as soon as there are documents included, it will import to the database.

Hope that helps.

Hi, Thanks very much for your reply, I will give it a try!