File renaming and moving files

What about file renaming and being able to move files!
I’m pretty disappointed, that this isn’t possible.

I wouldn’t have bought DTTG if I knew that this is not working. I took those features for granted!

Four years :open_mouth: later and files still cannot be filed.
To me this seems like an extremely basic function, and it makes me concerned that it is still missing. What is going on (if anything)?

This will be supported by the upcoming version 2.

With respect, you have been talking about the upcoming version 2 for at least 3-4 years. And there is still no sight of it whatsoever. Surely in the meantime (who know, we could have to wait another 3-4 years) you could add this basic yet very necessary function to version one.

I have to agree with that, the response that it might appear in “version two” makes me even more concerned. It is not ideal to have to wait a few years more for this rather basic function - why not add this to v1 now? :bulb:

  1. As we are in full development on DEVONthink To Go 2, version 1 is in maintenance mode, not feature addition. Fixes, yes. Features, no.

  2. DEVONthink To Go was written with earlier technologies and language so adding to the old codebase is not effective at this time.

  3. What you may see as a “basic” feature is not necessarily so under-the-hood. (If software development was as easy to code as the behaviors it produces, we’d all make our own software!)

  4. No offense, but I would be far more concerned if we were trying to rush software out the door.

Thank you Bluefrog.

And no offence to you, but if you consider the length of time you’ve been working on v.2 to be ‘rushing out the door’, I don’t really know what to say.

Anyhow, clearly I will have to move on. thanks.

I’ve been trying to find a clear answer to this issue and for me at least, this is STILL an issue. Renaming and moving files only seems to work in the DevonThink environment and the changes are not made to the parent files.

Is this still unresolved or am I missing something?


I suggest that you start a new thread describing your problem afresh. This thread is seven years old, the software is considerably different by now.