File size and backups

I would like to use my DT file in several locations in my home - which I can do thru my wireless network. This works best if I leave my primary workstation Mac on all the time. Otherwise, I can copy the dtBase file to my iDisk, then transfer it to my laptop, and reverse the sequence, etc.

The problem is that, for me at least, even the most basic dtBase files are huge. For example, your turorial file is 22.5MB on my hard drive. Even the most basic dtBase file is over 3MB.

No problem for disk space - I have lots - but for wireless file transfer time it is an inconvenience. Perhaps I am not understanding what can be done via Tools, or perhaps I am missing something else?


Suggestion: Make a Backup Archive of your database (DT Pro Scripts > Export > Backup Archive).

That will produce the smallest possible compressed archive of your database. When unzipped, the database contains no internal Backup folders (although they will be created when the database is used, each time Backup & Optimize is run).

The compressed archive will transfer over your wireless network much more quickly than the original database. (A single large file transfers more rapidly than many smaller files totaling the same size.) And of course there’s a beneficial side effect. You have refreshed the internal Backup folder in the original database, and you have a recent backup archive on two computers.