File Size Inconsistencies

I’ve been importing a lot of pdfs into DTPO using OCR which has resulted in a large database size. So, in order to try and reduce things a bit I added the size column to my view, but could find no large files. On looking at the Files folder in my database using finder it turns out that the files are a lot larger than DTPO says. For instance I have a pdf file which shows up as 123kb in DTPO but in finder it is 24.4MB.

So I have a couple of questions: first, is this a bug or does the size only refer to the text portion of pdf+text?

Second, in note the new beta (3) has some groovy reduction of pdf type of thing going on. Is it possible to run it throughout the database so that all my monster pdfs are reduced to a trim size?



Hi, Chris. The Info panel displays two numbers related to size of a PDF.

Both are correct. Info shows the Size of a JPEG image I just indexed as 66 KB, and its File (size) as 1889 KB.

Translation: DT Pro takes 66 KB memory space to display the image and manage its metadata. That image requires 1889 KB disk storage space.

Thanks Bill, that makes sense.

Is it possible to resize the pdf files from within DTPO? If not, which automator action should I use?

Thanks in advance,


Check the Extras folder in the distribution, there is a workflow example that will reduce the image dpi to 92dpi. That’s the one you can experiment with.

Thanks - that got rid of 200MB!