File skipped while Drag & Drop

Hi there,

I’m trying to import a file (Luminar 3 into an indexed group by doing a drag and drop from Finder into DTP.

Unfortunately the file never seems to be imported, it never appears in the group and the Log window tells me that the file is Skipped.

Am I doing something wrong?

From help :

EnableApplicationFiles: Applications can be imported/indexed.

Go to Help > Documentation > Appendix > Hidden preferences

There are links “On” / “Off” behind each hidden preference.

Clicking “On” behind EnableApplicationFiles should disable skipping of application files.

Offtopic: I wrote a script that indexes a duplicate of DEVONthink’s help. You can find it here Index DEVONthink help.

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Excellent, thanks a lot @pete31!

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Why are you adding applications to DEVONthink?
(and there is a very specific reason for that hidden preference being there)

For each application I buy, I create a group with the installation files, user’s guide, invoice, license information, etc.

But I would be more than happy if I could take advantage of advice and experiences to do it better!

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maybe compress the app to a zip file and store that. apps are usually packages of multiple files and folders. zip would be one file.

i also would keep all these sort of things in a regular system folder perhaps on a spare disk or a NAS. off your Mac. if must be findable in DEVONthink maybe just index to it.

i would not clutter a DEVONthink database with this sort of stuff.

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@rmschne is correct in that storing a ZIP or installer would be better than storing the application.

Thanks for your advice guys!

You’re welcome.