File Transclusion for files not in the same database

I like the feature that when you use {{ and type some item name, it pop up for you to choose the file you want to transclude. But it didn’t work if the transcluded file is not in the same database.

I currently use different databases for different purposes. Should I start to merge all databases into one big database?

Alternatively, I can use item link in {{}}. But it is no so convenient because:

  1. I need to open a separate window to locate the file. Control drag & drop or Control Copy Item Link. Then paste it between {{x-devonthink-item://...}}.
  2. The item link does not have the item name, unlike the traditional item link, [Item Name](x-devonthink-item://...)

You don’t know what file you transcluded when you are viewing the Markdown document in just edit mode. Can we have {{[Item Name](x-devonthink-item://....)}} format for future release?

Usually we try to avoid extending (or abusing) common file formats, there are already more than enough Markdown flavors which aren’t fully compatible. And the current transclusion syntax is the one of MultiMarkdown.

Anyway, you could add a dummy parameter to the item link if you need the filename, e.g. x-devonthink-item://UUID?filename=...

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