File type .drawio is unknown format to DT

I started using the drawing app which generates files with the extension .drawio.
This files are unkown to DT and it generates an error message “Unbekanntes Format” (probably unknown format in english).
Working with these files fills up my error log.

Can I teach DT to know this file type?

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This is the only request we’ve had for this.

Please open a support ticket and attach a ZIP containing a file for us to inspect. Thanks.

Ticket opened request [#535582]

No problem.

Currently, I am importing various files which are unknown to DT (drawio files, LTspice files, …).
This is flooding my Report window. Real problems are drowned and getting overlooked.
How can I stop DT from reporting over and over again, that it does know a certain file type?

Either I could tell DT to ignore that file type or the report log could have a checkbox to blank out warnings and to show only really errors.

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It’s unfortunately highly subjective what is an error, what a warning and what just optional information. E.g. a timeout could be all of that.

I also have multiple file types that DT does not understand and it would help if I could teach DT to ignore those from opening the error log. In this case almost thousands of Autocad, Archicad, Rhino files.

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While DEVONthink can import many file formats, there is no intrinsic value regarding searching the contents of these files as you wouldn’t be searching for their text. You could still find them by filename, etc.

as far as I understand, ejrolon did ask for a searching function, but he seems to be annoyed like me, when the protocol window gets flooded with unknown format messages.

Regarding searching:
So, DT does not search in unknown files?
Wouldn’t it be possible to scan the raw file for the search text string, even it cannot open it.
I would appreciate this capabilty.
DT claims to be the magic information manager. It should not ignore unknown files.

Would the raw file even contain the search text string? If it’s a binary format like PDF without OCR, there simply is no text string in it to search for.

You can always run strings on the document in terminal and see what it gives. But having DT index arbitrary binary files is not a good idea, given that the index will probably fill up with a lot of gobbledygook.


The only search that I need is for the name, nothing else from those unknown filetypes.
I just want for DT to not give the error message of “unknown file type”
The particular use in this case is that I have different architectural projects with a lot of PDF and extra information. I wanted to test if DT would help in searching for file names and in the case of PDFs, Excel, Word then data within them and use tags etc to organize.
If I could exclude those filetypes then DT would not give an error.
It is not a big deal, I could ignore it but it would be more elegant to not have the error.

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If just searching by file name is sufficient, would it be possible to zip the the files and import or index those zipped files in DT? I don’t think you’d get error reports for storing zip files…just an idea.

Zipping is not an option since I need to open/use those files on a regular basis, so when I unzip then I’ll get the error message anyway.

Please send a zipped .drawio file to cgrunenberg - at - - thanks!

File sent, though in my case the file is from autocad (DWG). My wish/request is for an option to filter out (teach DT) from logging errors. I know that DT cannot read them but it is a file that I need in the database as part of the backupwhich can contain 100s of DWG, PLN, PSD, BPN, etc.

The file format is indeed pretty useless, basically it’s an XML wrapper for some binary & proprietary data. Unless the developer will provide a plug-in for Spotlight.

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That file is one of the standards for the worldwide construction industry so useless it is not. As stated before I don’t need or expect DT to get data from it I just want DT to stop giving errors when I index my databases or add a new one for archival purposes.
If this is not possible then I will stop using it for that purpose and I’ll look for another solution since I have multiple formats that DT will never understand and I don’t expect it to.

To sum up.
My wish is to have an option within DT to whitelist user selected filetypes so that it does not give errors trying to read them.
I think that this was also the intention from @Herb

The simple error we want to avoid is “unknown file type” nobody has asked for anything else.

We’re aware of this request, I just wanted to check whether these files contain anything that might be useful for DEVONthink. Of course it’s useful for the users :slight_smile:

Nahh. lots of lines and dimensions and building information