"File Using @ Destination" Script --> Duplicate Group Names

The “File Using @ Destination” Script is helpful. However when I place it in a Smart Rule and execute it several times with the same @Destination, a new Group is created each time (with the same name). It is possible for subsequent items to be placed in the same group if the @Destination is the same?

It’s not only possible, that’s the behavior.

  • A new group is created where ?
  • What is the @Destination ?
  • Do you have more than one gorup with the destination name?

The destination does not previously exist; it is created by the Smart Rule.

This is my Smart Rule:


Before Running Smart Rule this is in my Global Inbox:


After Running Smart Rule on these two items:


The script is not compatible to groups being also tags (option Exclude groups from tagging disabled). The next release will change this.

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