Filemaker files - Can they be imported?

I have some information in a special application that runs with the Filemaker engine. One set of records is set up using a template (or form that looks like a minature spreadsheet). I understand Filemaker uses a proprietary file format. Is there a way to get that information out of Filemaker and into DT?

That might depend on the nature and size of the fields in the Filemaker database, and what you wish to capture.

It might be possible to export from Filemaker as Tab-delimited text, then import the text file using the DT Pro Sheets & Records feature. Check the Help files (both Filemaker and DT Pro) concerning this. For DT Pro import, check the allowable file extensions for text files.

If your Filemaker database is using a large field for documents, you may be able to export that field.

This forum has had several discussions on Sheets and Records, including importing tab-delimited text files.