FileMaker to DT?

I have a FileMaker 7 database with about 350 records. Each record is a software product I own and its registration number.

How can I bring this info into DT and keep it manageable? So far, the only way I know how to do it is to export as tab delimited text from FM and then import the whole file (meaning all 350 records) into DT. This doesn’t really work for me, as I need each record to be separate file.

Any suggestions? I know there must be a better solution. Anybody have an AS or Automator script that would extract each record and save as a separate text file?


Actually each record is still a separate file, for example switch to three-pane view, select the sheet and then of the records in the upper right pane. Then a form showing the selected record should appear in the lower pane.

Or double-click on a record in the upper right pane and a new window will be opened (or use the “Open” contextual menu command both available in the sheet and in the upper right pane).

Thanks, Christian! This is great news. The reason it wasn’t working for me before was because the file I exported from FM was a .txt file. Apparently as long as the file is either a .tab or .csv file it will import into DT with each individual record. Fantastic! My problem is solved. Thanks so very much and happy new year.