Filename Bug When Importing File

I had a text file named “Make Finder Use ⌘-N To Create New Folders.txt”, which when imported into DEVONthink Pro (imported with version 1.1.1) was given the (internal to DTpro) filename “Make Finder Use ^Q-N To Create New Folders.txt” (where ^Q was literally a Ctrl-Q character and so was displayed by the DTpro as a space). When exported back to the Finder as a text file the filename was also “Make Finder Use ^Q-N To Create New Folders.txt” (where ^Q was literally a Ctrl-Q character).

Could you look into this and see if you can replicate (and thus hopefully fix) the problem? If you wish, I can send you the file in question (both the original file with the ‘⌘’ character as well as the DTpro-exported version with the ‘^Q’ character).

Hi, Daryl: What text encoding are you using?

I couldn’t replicate your problem. The file name characters didn’t change when importing to/exporting from DT Pro.

Do you mean my system text/keyboard/language script? For that I’m using “U.S.” (as listed in the International preference pane). Should I use “U.S. Extended”, which I think is Unicode? I believe the basic “U.S.” script is the default one, as I don’t recall ever having changed it.

In the DTpro preferences, I have “Automatic” selected for Import encoding.

My DT Pro preferences is also set for Automatic text encoding.

Could it be a font issue? Not all fonts can handle that Command key symbol. What fonts do you have set or use?

It wasn’t a font issue, as I was able to double-click on the problem note’s name within DTpro and (using the Character Palette to type the ⌘ symbol) rename it correctly. Since then, DTpro exports it with the correct name. It was just in the import that that the ⌘ symbol was changed to ^Q.

I’m very busy today, but hopefully I can re-import that file (I should still have the original) and see if I can still duplicate the problem (its possible it was fixed in the DTpro 1.1.1 to 1.2 update).